Hubstacks anyone?

Hey everyone! I hubstacked my DV888 last night, and it plays amazingly. No wobble whatsoever. Now i want to show it off.[:

Looks great but isn’t it going to be hard to unscrew it?

i don’t know if he did it another way than i know but what i know you can’t unscrew it

You can’t unscrew it, so you have to use a pin or something to get knots out.
I keep a safety pin on my CLWY Snapback xD
You can unscrew to unstack/change bearings/new response etc. but it’s too much work to do it just for knots.

I used the axle and stacks from a PGM.

Pretty sick. C=

For example, a few minutes ago, i had to take the bearing out and clean it. It went back together super easily. <3

??? why can’t you unscrew it? is there a better way to stack it?

You can it’s just when you do the stacks come off because unlike a normal stacked yoyo this doesn’t have a nub coming off the yoyo for the stacks to stick on.

Nice! I wan’t to try this with a meteor. :smiley:

I wonder what that guy got banned for…

Who? In on tapatalk so I don’t see the whole website


He’s been reduced to guest status.

Oh ok thanks. And back on topic, I now hate hub stacks but love z stacks. I used a G5 and its soooo easy to catch. I might have to buy some z stacks or a G5. Regular hubstacks are cool but I will never learn how to use them. I do think it’s cool though that people can hubstack a DV888. Gives you options I guess