Hubstacking a JK


Does anyone think its possible to hubstack a YYF JK. I know the hubs are big but does anyone think its possible?

PS: I didn’t know where to post this so if it’s in the wrong place sorry. Tell me and I’ll move it. :slight_smile:


Yeah I think it would be possible.

Do I think it would be easy? Absolutely not.

It would take tons of machining…

But I’m sure you could rig up something that would work similarly.

If you really like the JK, get an Aoda Magic Pearl. Because it is a bootleg of the JK, you could experiment with it. This way you would Know the Results.

Here is the two yoyos compared. They;re exactly the same

So I say go ahead and get a magic pearl and experiment with it.


Maybe you should do some research before you post. The JK was actually a re branded, re-anodized Magic Pearl. And to the op, it’s not worth the effort.


Well does it matter? The JK is more rare and isn’t worth being damaged so quickly. The Aoda Pearl isn’t very rare and can be replaced easily. The JK is discontinued and rare.

And trust me, if he wants to do this, he should not give up!

People have HubStacked the Doc Pop Bolt before you know!


Rare? That’s funny. I’ve seen them on the BST for $20 a pair. And yes, I do know, I’ve seen hubstacked Journeys, Black Knights, and many other yoyos. But those are plastics, try cutting metal without a lathe.


[i][b]"Yeah I think it would be possible.

Do I think it would be easy? Absolutely not."[/b][/i]

Directly quoted from my last post.


mine is beat so I wanted to do something to it rather than let it sit in my case.



Yeah, it does. “Bootleg” is really not a term you want to use as a throwaway remark.


Just to make things clear, they aren’t exactly the same. The JK is heavier by a couple grams.