Diameter - 50mm
Width - 38mm
Weight - AODA - 62g YYF - 60g (currently an estimate, I weighed it at home, and it was less than the AODA I just don’t remember by how much >.>)
Gap - 4.5mm approx
Profile - Butterfly/Wing
Response - silicone O-Ring Response (accepts flowable)
Bearing - Large size C

Now I’m going to be doing this review a little differently since there’s already a few great reviews for the Magic Pearl, this will mainly be to show the similarities and differences between the long time AODA favorite, and the new YYF super budget metal. From first glance these two throws look extremely similar, and when you inspect further, you find they are indeed, essentially, the same throw.

Minor difference #1
The finish on the two is slightly different. The magic pearl has what seems like a semi-bead blast, or even just a tumble+anno, where as the JK has what seems to be extremely small grooves running all around the yoyo. In my humble opinion this finish is slightly better. It’s better for grinds, and feels better in the hand. One word that comes to mind is smooother.
Minor difference #2
As stated in the specs section, the JK I have weighs <2g less than the Pearl. I’ll get exact weights when I have the chance the throw them on my digiscale when I get home. But anyway, this causes the JK to play very slightly faster and floatier, and lacks the slight “too heavy” feeling I get from the Pearl. Now I have no idea where they took the weight off of, since the yoyo’s are exactly the same shape wise. But I have hunch it’s made out of a different aluminum. Maybe YYFBen can confirm or deny this.
Minor Difference #3
The JK came, obviously, without the standard AODA bootleg KK bearing, and instead came with a rather bizarre flat bearing that I can only assume has 8 balls. I can not figure out any way to deshield this thing! As opposed to the normal c-clip+shield set up, there’s this weird…shield thing. The best way I can describe it is it looks like a standard shield that has been folded onto itself. Now the bearing plays fine and EXTREMELY silent, but I fear when the time comes to preform maintenance on it, it might not make it to see another day. If you have an idea on how to get it off please let me know! REF PIC BELOW

Minor difference #4
Color! Pearls, at least all of them that I’ve seen range more towards the aqua and teal spectrum, and the JK is more of a traditional blue. Probably the most minute difference between the two

Throughout this analysis, I’ve used the words “slightly” and “minor” quite a bit. That’s because the differences between these two yoyos are few and far between. If you haven’t read a Dancing Pearl review already, I suggest you do before deciding which one may be for you. Regardless of which one you do decide on know you will be getting a fantastically playing yoyo for a fantastically low price
(AODA = $20 shipped if you can find it | JK = $25 [not 100% confirmed, looking to Ben again])
Both of which have a slight vibe, play nice and fast and somewhat stable. Don’t expect to win worlds just because you picked up a Magic Pearl, which ironically aren’t very magical nor pearls or pearl colored in the least. But you can expect a great pocket yoyo that will get you through your tricks, used by non yoyoers who want to give it a try, and even play guilt free over concrete since it’s so cheap. I suggest a MP/JK to anybody looking for a budget pocket yoyo, but is turned off by something as small as the PopStar like I am

Awesome review as always!!! ;D

I dont think well see the JK retail over here for 25$, but anything could happen.
You may have caught the big freak out over at YYN when someone brought up the fact that the JK was re branded Aoda.
Hasn’t Aoda taken big flak for copying the 888 and others ???
Now we have YYF rebranding their yoyos ? Weird how things go.
Great review all the same, I got two Aodas today, a SpeedWind, and a Pirate(an 888 copy I believe, no stacks), and I am blown away by both of them.
So smooth, and so cheap.

I’m no where near for sure, but from some posts I’ve seen Ben make, he implied they were going to be around $25.

Yep :slight_smile: I was there in the heat of it all (mostly) keeping my mouth shut and lurking like I do best. The above is a quote from yyfben that led me to believe that the are going to be $25

Yes they have. They’ve taken an immense amount of crap for (in my eyes) something very trivial. But let’s try and avoid discussion of Aoda “copying” and YYF rebranding. It’s been proven many times people on these forums can’t discuss that topic without a flame war and thread locking. I’d rather avoid getting this locked for those reasons

Congratulations my friend, two fine yoyos from a darn fine company :wink:

Great review, glad someone doing this.
yeah, wierd how things goes, but bussines goes that way.
Aoda are capable of makeing a good throw, might come the time when people should stop mocking them as a bootleg, crapy yoyo makers.
and YYF doin great job, makeing low price metal with quite high preformance readily available to everyone.
great job. May yoyoing progress well with these.

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I agree with you on so many levels sir. Aoda may have a shady past, but what they do (low cost, high performance) is ground breaking, and does so many good things past our main line of sight here in America and other more well off countries. And YYF pushing to do the same here, is just as ground breaking regardless of who the design is licensed from.

any idea when the JK is going to release? I want one.