Best metal Aoda Yoyo

Guys just would like to hear your thaughts on what the best metal Aoda yoyo is ???
Please don’t tell me about how fake they are or that i shouldn’t support them

Thanks :o

They are all pretty darn awesome ;D I personally have tried Royal Star and Free King and i wasent so impressed with the royal star but the free king blew my mind :o
I myself now am looking at buying either the Dancing Pearl, Rainbow or Sunshine
Hope I helped :wink:

The JK. Or the Sunshine. They’re great.

The JK is a yoyofactory but the Dancing Pearl is he Aoda version.

Oh yeah, whoops. The Dancing Pearl.

I think the dancing pearl will serve you well and I heard that it is cheap too

I havent try the dancing pearl yet. But from what i have, the royal star and the sunshine is quite awesome.
but I dig the auldey more.

Which auldey?

The one that’s a top.

Every Aoda I’ve played so far has been outstanding. No matter what your preferences are, you definitely can’t go wrong with an Aoda.

Both the Hitman and DM2 knockoffs that come with the Olympic set are great plastics with metal rims, so if you like those bi-materials, you might want to look into one/both of them.

The Follow Wind is a great full-size throw if you like H-shape.

The Magic Pearl is my go-to player for pretty much everything. It’s an amazing undersized V-shape with stellar performance.

If you’re into mini-yos like the Mighty Flea, definitely give the Littles a look - mind-blowing micro performance for an unbelievably low price.

I’m not a huge fan of traditional butterfly shapes, so I can’t comment on the Pirate, Rainbow, or others like that, but I’ve heard from multiple sources that they’re amazing too.
Basically, just find one that fits your preferences, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll love it, because they’re all amazing throws for an unbeatable price.

I just got the dancing pearl in the mail yesterday with the follow wind and rainbow still on their way. So far it plays like a high quality throw. The response is a little slippy and I’ll probably silicone it later but other than that I really enjoy it. I’m selling my one drop 54 and got three aodas in its place. For $20 a throw you can beat it.

I think i will get the aoda pxy( or XXX of super big)

Oh the PXY isn’t a bad choice either. Here’s a great review.

mostly the L4 now.

Sunshine, $20 888x(of inferior quality that is). Even though it’s a bootleg it still plays good, but makes you wish you had the real thing.

Haha changed my mind again ;D im ordering the Auldey L4 / Luminous

magic pearl

Holy Cherry, hands down

Free king aoda