Aoda yoyos?

hullo all i was lookin at some aoda yoyos andi think they look pretty cool for there price
now i know ther bootlegged and all but could and of you tell me how they play(not compared to the real thing) like the sunshine,rainbow,PXY and flying master?
thnx and please dont start this into a huge AODA is a bootleg company war
thnx -$$B-

There’s a review of the PXY on YT

thnx alot but ive alreay seen that vid i just wanted some opinions on those yoyos

they do play as good as the branded ones. the only issus is, just like in the review, some finish issues. qc is not as strict on these yoyos. if you do NOT buy them from euro-yo and look a little harder for a chinese online store you can get them for an even cheaper price. it’s worgt the wait for it to get to you. definetly