dose any one know where to get the aoda yoyos in the us

I don´t think that they are sold in US because all(IDK if all of them) are bootlegs, so they cant be sold on US because they brake patents.

No… I’m pretty sure you can buy one… I can’t remember the name… but it’s a or something… they sell it. It’s the green and orange one, shaped like a speeder.

you can get them but you have to buy it from a store based in another country.

Eoropian stores can sell bootleg aodas, I wont mention the yoyo stores but just google search ¨europian  yoyo store¨.

This is the link to some picture and info of some Aoda yoyos.

I would get the original because its the original and that product was made with the hard work of the yoyo company.

You can always find them on ebay

You can link them because YYE doesn’t nor ever will sell bootleg yoyo’s.

i like bootleg yoyos the cheap and fun

EURO-YO.COM thats the best place. Aoda an dAUldey

I second to that. In fact, i have few aoda and auldey bootleg in my collection.
They fun to mess around with.

How does Aoda manage to sell an ¨888¨(bootleg), at 45$ when the original cost 90$? What extremly bad quality materials do they use?

AZN LABOR! Not being racist… ;D

You can get an 888 bootleg for $20 shipped free worldwide…from a site. They’re less than $9 retail in China. An Aoda Virus is $18, an L3 is $23. Those Dancing Pearls on YoYoSam are less than $9.

There’s a high mark up on metal yo-yos and relatively low setup cost, small quantities are viable when machining, which is why small shops and machinists, or people with some time and a wad of cash can compete in the market.

You aren’t paying for expensive materials when you buy an aluminum yo-yo.
You’re getting less than $4 worth of aluminum. Check the prices.

You can purchase an entire aluminum bicycle for as much as a boutique yo-yo costs. Does that make sense?

Yes, because you’re buying the design. Does it make sense that video games cost less than 5 cents to make but it’s sold for $60? Yes, because you’re paying for the work that went into it.

You’re paying for the lack of competition.
R&D costs for a yo-yo aren’t in the same universe as a large game project or pharmaceuticals.

You don’t think that bike had to be designed, made, assembled, tested, shipped, marketed?