bootleg Diff-e-yo's on eBay

Have any of you guys seen these yoyos on eBay that look like bootlegg Diff-e-yos?

I am a little frightened by what appears to be the bearing.

I seen these before. They’re not made by Aoda, but some other compeny that’s alot worse.
With Aoda yoyos, the designs are rip-off’s of YYF yoyos, but at least they’re not IDENTICAL copies.

Okay, maybe they’re not identical, but they’re pretty close. The only thing that’s really missing is the logo on the side post. Someone should really contact Dif-e-Yo about this. This is just wrong. >:(

and the kk, and the dif pads

if that is an american company, dif e yo could sue
someone should get it
only a buck or so
could be evidence 8)

There’s a bunch of bootlegs like Aoda, Auldey, and more.

theryre all foreign so patent rules dont apply

Sorry, forgot about those. Instead of pads, it has the saddest looking starburst I’ve ever seen. And that bearing? WTF???

Curiosity got me, so I just bid on one.

It’s mine!!! Don’t outbid me! ::slight_smile: ;D


HOw much did you bid? Oh and Dif’s are the most solid throw’s ever.

if I recall correctly theis are pressed steel and are real junk. They look sad and need to be put out of there misery.

I bid $1.50.

lol…still though i wouldn’t buy it ;D


did u buy it yet? if so, how good is it? im curious too :slight_smile:

As long as they don’t soak you $10 for shipping, I guess why not - I saw them before, but yeah the guts looked horrible, I didn’t think it was worth the time. Hope it works out though.

that bearing looks like a small land mine…


Someone actually outbid me… for what reason I shall never know. So I bid on a different one. It’s worth it for me to buy this think for the LOL’s - it will be fun to post pics of it here for all to see.

Now, all of the seller’s auctions have ended and I got an email from eBay Loss and Prevention telling me not to send the seller any money.

aww LAME!

even if this was an american company… there is precisely nothing you could really do about it…

shape isn’t patentable…

‘design’ patents cover the overall ‘look’ of a product but they would be very hard to enforce… plus there would have to actually be one (which in this case there is not)

Anything with a KK bearing you might have a case for on that… as it is patented… but there are large loopholes, as proven by the yyf bearings.