Which Aoda should I get?

Please help. should I get the Aoda Miracle, the Aoda sunshine? or the Aoda Speed Wind/Folow Wind?

Just a heads up, Aoda isnt allowed to be talked about on this forum. I recently put out a thread about Aoda yoyos, and a mod deleted it. Then he messaged me saying that we arnt suppose to talk about Aoda on this foum for some reason, but im sure they have a good reason. :wink:

so how do I delete it?

Get the miracle or follow wind. The sunshine is a real bootleg off of the 888 but Aoda produced the miracle before YYF and the follow wind is OG. I recommend however one of the four saint beast.

It’s because yoyoexpert does not sell them I think.

I’ve owned the follow wind, dancing pearl, and rainbow. The follow wind has been my favorite so far and performs well for all things 1a. It’s only draw back was that it didn’t grind well. The dancin pearl also grinded slightly better than a plastic and it’s shape actually hurt when I caught it wrong. The rainbow had a significantly better feel when grinding but the play was just average. I’d recommend the wind. (got free king and little in the mail currently)