Recommendation on a good Hubstack yoyo?:slight_smile:

Grind Machine if you want one cheap.

Magic YoYo T9, T10 and N9 for cheaper than a PGM. Better? Depends on preferences. For the most part, all I can do with stacks is pull start them for now, which is kinda cool for 5A stuff.

I also have a Werrd 4XL, Duncan Momentum and a B-grade Mutant DNA that are stacked, in addition to the models that I mentioned in the first line. Really want to get a Mad House Epic, that may be my next purchase.

What seems good to you.

I think about genesis +

Where did you order your n9 and t10?

What seems good to me? Each have their own characteristics. I don’t like my Momentum as much since one of the wide stacks keeps popping off and I haven’t contacted Duncan to get a replacement. It’s not a very well made plastic, very thin.

I do like the bigger stacks. They are easier to catch. The Mutant DNA and PGM have the smaller stacks. The Momentum has included the smaller stacks but I prefer the bigger stacks.

As far as where I bought things:
PGM via BST.
Momenum given to me at CalStates.
Mutant DNA B-grade obtained at BAC.

The rest, you’ll need to PM me for since it wasn’t here. I’ve actually ordered 9 Magic YoYos via this place. 7 have arrived, 2 are in transit.