Hubstack bearings?

So i have noticed that it could be cheaper to buy the stacks and the bearings seperately, but I am not sure what size the bearings in the hubstacks are. Are they all the same? Or would yyf stacks be different than some other ones?


Size A bearings, all across the board.

;D for sure? awesome. i gotta try it. if it is cheaper.

so if i get a longer axel, rice stacks, and 2 size a bearings, i can hubstack my dv888? or is there something more that i need?

a pgm axle would do bc it has the hubstack nuts

if u get a pgm2 then you have everything for hubstacking another yoyo obviously…

pgm2 cost more than a hubstack kit and a new axle.

U can’t stack a dv888 w/out one or making a piece on a lathe a pgm would u do fine

To make yoyo jake’s post clearer,

For a hubstack to work, it would require a hubstack post, which is, essentially, a protruding bearing seat.