Hspin NvX response

So, I love my NvX for the day or day and half that the response stays in. Flowable silicone is great but pulls out quickly. I recently tried the combo of 2:1 RTV red and flowable recommended in “NvX Silicone mystery solved” post by godfather763 April 2010. I was optimistic because it lasted several days but, alas after 2-3 days it has started pulling out. (probably ~4-6 hours yoyo time- give or take) I’m going to try straight RTV next but, does any one have any ideas or insight? Probably milling out the response recess would help but, I don’t see that happening.

I’m fairly certain that it’s not my siliconing technique because it lasts for months and hundreds of hours in my son’s oscillatrix. (he’s got plenty of time to yoyo since I work to support him and all :wink: )

Thanks. TC

I would recommend using Permatex Gasket Maker Red. This stuff lasts a very long time, or for a more shallow groove, Permatex Gasket Maker Black.

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I would just buy some pads but that’s just me…
EDIT: nevermind they are sold out… :-\

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Thanks, the Permatex Red is what I have so, will give that a shot. I was mixing a la the “NVX mystery solved” recommendation to make it a bit softer-- it did work really well.

Yup, pads sold out. They came out fairly quickly as well. It is an odd size recess with the “D” size bearing and I think Hspin is out of business as well :frowning:

Thanks for the replies

have you found Anything that works with for the response im having this problem and tried rtv but i think i tried a wrong type im going to pickup black and see if it works

I’ve been using the Permatex Red Gasket stuff and it’s worked really well.
It does take some breaking in but, it’s durable.
Good Luck

how long has it been lasting for you?

It’s not my “main” throw but, a couple of months

Here’s an idea I’ve been working on recently; haven’t tried it on an NvX or anything with a really shallow recess, but it seems to be pretty durable in other yoyos, so it’s worth a shot. This trick also works to speed up the curing of red RTV, but it seems to make it a bit more wear-prone.

Get one of those 10-oz. tubes of cheap clear silicone caulk from Walmart, the kind that smells like vinegar as it’s curing (it’ll say “acetoxy cure” somewhere on the tube). Should be about $3, meaning it’s 40% cheaper than a tube of red RTV for over 6 times the volume. Squeeze out a little bit of the caulk and mix it with around half its volume of cornstarch, and apply like the red stuff. Don’t wait around to apply it, either - this stuff solidifies in about 15 minutes, and is playable in under half an hour. It seems to be stiffer than red RTV, but conversely it lasts longer.

huh maybe ill try it. how long has it been lasting for you?

Ahhh, cornstarch. The wonder drug.

I’m just concerned that anything stiffer will make your throw really slippy. Especially considering how thin the recess is in HSpin yoyos, extra slip is something you really can’t afford.

It’s been lasting really well for a few weeks so far, looks like I just applied it and still feels pretty snappy. But Patrick may be right, I’ll have to try it in my Beysick with the narrow groove and see what happens. It may actually be better, because I find the Beysick way too snappy for my taste even with red RTV in it.

Just for reference, it’s not actually a chemical reaction between the cornstarch and silicone that makes it cure so fast. Cornstarch is just a filler, but it’s hygroscopic, meaning it sucks humidity out of the air. When this little bit of humidity gets mixed evenly throughout the silicone it catalyzes the RTV (room-temperature vulcanization) reaction all at once instead of curing from the outside in.