NVX silicone mystery solved

Okay, for Christmas I got an NVX from Hspin, one of the best throws I have ever owned. I had a few issues with the pads coming out, wrote to Hspin, and they did their best to make things right. I wanted to thank Rajani for that first off, Hspin did a great job at keeping me happy. That being said, I have tried to silicone my Nvx several times with little success. Sure, it worked great, but a blown tire was always the end result. I tried rtv, but that never yielded the tight bind that I loved about the original setup. Frustrated, and about to give up, I decided to start experimenting. After several different methods, I believe that I have found a very good technique.

First, a list of items needed:
RTV Silicone
Flowable Silicone
2 Plastic spoons
A hard plastic credit/debit/library card
A Monoject syringe (medical supply store, or pharmacy)
Paper towels
Cotton swabs
A Bamboo skewer

In a well ventilated area, mix 2 parts RTV to one part flowable silicone together with spoons. Try to agitate the mixture as little as possible to avoid excess air bubbles.
Once the two compounds are well mixed, draw as much as you can into the syringe, then wipe as clean as possible with a paper towel.
Slowly fill the response groove with the contents of the syringe, more is better than less
Take your hard plastic card, using a flat edge, and scrape off all excess silicone. This is a little tricky to do without making a mess, just try to be as clean as possible.
After you get the silicone flush, you can use a corner of your plastic card to ever so slightly recess the silicone.
Wipe clean with paper towel and cotton swabs
I always let my silicone cure for a full 24 hours, but I finish my cleanup at about 8 hours with a bamboo skewer. It’s non-marring, but strong enough to apply a decent amount of force.

If this is done right, you should get that “Stock” NVX feeling on the bind. I have been throwing mine this way for about a month and a half now with no problems.
Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to pm me with questions.

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Thanks for the syringe idea, i put food dye in my silicone and it always make a mess when I transfer the dyed silicone to the yoyo.