HSPIN Gorylla or Yoyofactory 44

Ey dudes! I got some sweet cash money for my B day, I narrowed my decision on these two yoyos and
to be honest I’m having troubles in deciding. If you were in my position, which would you get and why? It would help a lot!

I’m thinking the 44.

Gorylla. It’s just a better yoyo overall. IMHO yoyofactory makes too much yoyo’s and sometimes one can be very simillar to another. (boss & 44) go for the gorylla I’ve only heard great things about it.

44, it just seems cooler. And Yoyofactory is awesome, and hasn’t come out with a yoyo that I don’t like. (except mighty flea and 888) And I am sorry but I would have to say the oppisite bout Hspin. :-[ But like I said, that is just me. :wink:

~James Reed!

44 all the way