HSpin Gorylla 411

Gorylla 411: A Review

HSpin: Known for shaping the metal yoyo industry for years. The Pyro, Good and Evil line, Envy, and the rest of them have always been able to wow us in some new way. All of this ingenuity has to run out eventually, doesn’t it? Let’s see if it does for the Gorylla, or if those crazy Swiss can pull another yoyoing bunny out of their hats.

Let it be known that my poor photography abilities do not affect the play of the yoyo.


Weight (g) 66.00
Width (mm) 40.50
Diameter (mm) 52.00
Gap Width (mm) 4.02
Bearing Size: D
Response: Orange Silicone Stickers (.555 size)

Packaging: The typical classy HSpin packaging, the two yoyos separated and the parts in a little compartment in the middle, all inside of a neat, plastic sleeve. On the underside, there’s some information and instructions about your new yoyo. Only little comment on the packaging is that it would be cool if HSpin cut the foam so that its the size of the yoyo, because the holes were much too large, and the yoyo was able to shift around loads during shipping. There’s no damage, which should be noted. The yoyo came with two axles, four silicone pads, an orange string, and HSpin’s new bearing.

First Impression: “OK, if you’re going to name the yoyo “Gorylla”, it should be Gorilla Sized!” HSpin, you and your silly names. It makes me giggle. Anyway, after a few throws I immediately noted smooth and relatively quick play. Smooth, quick, and responsive, actually. With one pad installed, my Gorylla was tug-responsive. This isn’t bad, it gave me time to get used to the yoyo’s shape and all while breaking it in. Breaking in a bearing is all part of that new yoyo experience. After about an hour to an hour and a half of solid play, the bearing became dead unresponsive with one of those pads. Since HSpin provided four, these should last me a long time!

Aesthetics: I hate black yoyos. I think that as toys, yoyos should have festive colors. However, it works, in this case, the yoyo has a very classy look. The engravings are tasteful, one side has the “Gorylla” logo, and a serial number (mine is 16!) and the other side has the HSpin Logo. Also, the edge of the face of the yoyo where the rims start to curve in towards the nipple have a little silver coloring to them, blasted or anodized in some way. Very very classy. In terms of aesthetics, the Gorylla is that guy at the party that isn’t boisterously loud, but is still really cool to talk to.

Size: I’d put this one as a smaller medium sized yoyo. Its not completely undersized, but not quite medium, in my opinion. Its about two millimeters greater in diameter than the 888, but is just as wide. The diameter to weight ratio is rather nice, in general. At 66 grams, the weight also falls comfortably in the middle of that “regular” 60-70 spectrum.

Comparisons: Peak, DV888, Gorylla, Freehand Zero

Shape: Like a yoyo. More specifically, very round, very comfortable. The rim actually comes to a peak and then drops down a little bit at the very edge of the yoyo, which is a very hand-pleasing curve. The outer rims are completely flat, which sometimes can feel awkward if you’re not expecting that. Otherwise, its a pretty basic round butterfly shape.

Play: This yoyo is quite smooth. It is not DEAD smooth, you can definitely feel it on the string, but not nearly enough vibe to distract you. It plays rather flowy and quick, I’m not a very fast player, but I certainly move a bit quicker on my Gorylla than on my other yoyos. It is very stable on the string, and overall gives a good feeling of control: the way the yoyo is designed makes the player feel totally dominant over it, with it obliging every command and switch, sometimes hard to do for some yoyos. Very good play.

Grinds: I am not a huge grinder, but I am always for a nice little grind. The Gorylla isn’t always, however. Finger and arm grinds are only so-so, and don’t hold very well. Thumb grinds are basically out of the question, the ridge right where the thumb goes is shaped very awkwardly. The little horns on the side are good looking, but aren’t phenomenal for matador tricks.

Price: Clocking in at $90, this yoyo provides one of the best play-for-price ratio out there. It is really superb for this value, and is superb altogether. I hope it can stay down here for future buyers.

Summation: This yoyo is just brilliant. HSpin has really outdone itself, again. Solid, smooth play, a comfortable hold, overall great performance, especially for the price. If you’re not president of your hometown’s Thumb Grinding Club, then I’d seriously consider this yoyo. It could very well may be HSpin’s lead yoyo now. Highly recommended!

i hate black yoyos to lol, cool review. Sounds like a good bang for your buck according to your review but i cant afford it