Hspin Icon vs Beysick Questions

The upcoming release or re-release (not sure if yoyoexpert.com has had a small run of it in the past) and the highspeedyoyo.com review of the Hspin Icon has made me want one. Before I buy one when it comes out, im just wondering if anyone here has played one, and can answer some questions for me.

  1. Does this yoyo have decent sleeptimes. I know that it is center weighted and that is what helps give this yoyo its originality, but can it spin for enough time to pull off tricks?

  2. Do the pads fall out like on the Beysick?

  3. Does the yoyo feel skinny in the hand?

and finally 4. How does this yoyo compare to a Beysick or Gorylla if you have tried them, and which one do you like more?

Thanks for your help.

I have an ICON, it’s my first metal and all i can say is that it’s AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!

  1. Yes it can sleep for ages, enough for me to pull off a white buddha, and I do it like really slow. So yeah. It can spin for ages.

  2. No they don’t. They are grippy as hell though. Has a tendency to snag your strings.

  3. No it doesn’t. At least for me. It’s nearly as wide as a YYF PGM.

  4. Nope, never tried any of those. My friend said the Beysick is not as smooth as a DV888, while I’ve been hearing bad reviews about the Gorylla 411 saying it sucks. The pads fall out on the Gorylla. So yeah.

Hope I helped. And yeah, get the ICON. It IS awesome.

thanks for the quick response…it sounds great. where did you get yours, Hspin.com? how is the bead blast?

It’s smooth. I learnt grinding on it. ;D
And… I bought it from Spinworkx.com. Apparently there aren’t a lot of reviews around. And, yeah. It snags. And the spikes are pretty much unusable.

Not true IMO. I can use them fine, they’re sharper than my SPYY’s spikes and the beadblast makes it spin fine when held.

And I don’t usually have snagging unless I’m using layers which I do wrong (feeding the string by accident.)
Or GTs where I do it stupidly and end up giving the string slack.

  1. Does this yoyo have decent sleeptimes. I know that it is center weighted and that is what helps give this yoyo its originality, but can it spin for enough time to pull off tricks?[/i]
    Always spins long enough for me to do anything, My longest spinning yoyo probably.(VS. my Addiction)

    2. Do the pads fall out like on the Beysick?
    Not for me so far, Pads are great and grip better than silicone from my experience. I believe the pad problem was ONLY with the Beysick, Gorylla, and NVx or whatever the Hspin website says.

    3. Does the yoyo feel skinny in the hand?
    No, Unless you just used a Pyro or SPYY Pro it probably won’t feel skinny.

Really? I always fail at ripcord starts. Maybe because I fail at it. But it felt good. And… God knows how i managed to snag it. I managed to snag it when i was trying to tug the yoyo up and grind on my arm. D:

  1. Yes the Icon does have ample sleep time to perform lengthy tricks.

  2. No the pads do not fall out easily but like the Beysick and Gorylla, but if in doubt silicone them–it is possible, I did it.

  3. The Icon does not feel skinny in the hand but comfortable enough, but to me the Gorylla feels much much more comfortable in the hands due to the super rounded shame (To me it is one of my top lists of comfortable shape and design to hold in my hands). The Beysick is so-so in the hands but plays great as well.

  4. The Icon is for its price a real solid performer and it is definitely better than the Beysick (it plays well but more suited for the beginner to intermediate level users). Not to mention the finish on the Beysick makes grinding very unsmooth.

With regards to Gorylla I have to strongly disagree that it is a poor performer. The bearing is silent and long spinning, smooth and vibe free, the shape is fantastic and comfortable to hold and it plays fantastic. It is one of my favourite throws to date. The only complaints is with the pads which I have replaced with flowable silicone and I have not encountered any problems since.
So…IMO the Gorylla is the better one for me compared to the other two. FYI I have all three yoyos.

Try checking the bearing, It may have been factory lubed or it got dirty.(Although I usually hear that if it’s broken in it’ll generally be better than if just cleaned.)

Like do the pencil check or just on the yoyo disassembled, if the bearing doesn’t spin long flicked, like not even a second that’s probably the problem. After a while you’ll be able to tell the difference between a dry and lubed bearing by the sound.

Thanks for the great replys. Im sold! One last thing, how does it compare to your other yoyos. Like in the spectrum of your arsenal, where does the Icon place. Just out of curiosity, if we have some of the same yoyos it would be helpful just for the sake of comparison.

I’ll say it’s the best yoyo I have. I have a Protostar, PGMV2, Dark Magic and a few other responsives.

At Japhle: Nah, i just accidentaly fed some strings into the small gap. Never had such issues with my PGM though. All in all, ICON is still my main player now. ;D