Spin iconn

Does anyone know how the Hspin Iconn is???

Its fast or slow however you want it.

Thumb grinds are practically impossible.

Finger, Arm, Palm grinds are all made possible with ease due to the beadblasted finish.

And the bearing spins as long as you will ever need it too.

Rating IMO 8/10

Great yoyo :smiley:

I just got it, and I love it.

Thumb grinds are not too bad but the yoyo must be tilted and the “pyrematte”(I think tht’s what it’s called) finish doesn’t go well with thumb grinds. Everything else about the yoyo is great, though.

I agree with yoyofreak, the Icon can go fast of slow, which is why I like it so much- It’s great for my smooth tricks and great for my fast tricks.

Overall, definitely worth the $60. Do yourself a favor and get it. :slight_smile: