HOWLEY CRUT, I won the C3 x Rewind contest


24 hours later and I’m still not over it.

Anyone have any clue when the rally will restock?
might blow it all on a crap load or Rallies :3


Dude, your video was freakin’ awesome! Congrats! You should post it here so we can watch it again!


Better just get one Rally and see if you like it first. Or get something really expensive like an Anglam.


You could always buy some C3. :wink:


can I? its not the video section though.

oh what the hell.

haha! Thanks for taking the time to watch man.


Thanks! But back to your question… How about a Krown? Or Dazzler? Yea, now we’re talkin’.


The Rally just looks so sexy… and everyone seems to love it! Too bad they’re out of stock.
Was toying with the idea of getting an Anglam, but nah, the price is just ridiculous.
I’m seriously considering spending it all on Alpha Crashes, its my lucky yo-yo!


Havent heard of the Dazzler before… google time!


It’s a new YoYoRecreation that I can’t stop looking at!


The video… D:
The Tricks… D:
That quick glimpse of the yo-yo at the end… D:

Now that is one sexy looking yo-yo. kinda reminds me of a smaller Celestial…


Is this the one you watched?



darn, I wanna watch Worlds so baaaaad.
but the plane fare is killing me


Yea, travel is definitely expensive. Anyways, I’d probably wait for the Dazzler or Draupnir. You’ll still have leftover money for a Capless and string or something.


Really amazing video OP! Great editing, really like the lyric text and the zoomed in reverse GT!

You should make tutorials - your skills with slowdowns and zooms would make learning tricks super easy.

(kclejeune) #15

You should

  1. blow it on rallies
  2. Blow it on yetis
  3. Get the format:C, Rally, Chik, yeti, and Valor (idk how much money you won)

Loved your video though!


There’s usually a live stream, they usually announce it on


He got, I believe it was, $300 to use at the Japanese store. I would probably do a Dazzler + Yeti + string + a couple bearings.


i would get 2 or 3 japanese yoyos or clyws. but rallys are amazing


OOOooooo! You posted a video in the General Section and you said a bad word!!

Oh you rebel, you. :stuck_out_tongue: AMAZING Vid BTW ^.^


Anglam CC+Yeti+Rally= PERFECTION