How would you rate the popstar in relation to other yyf fundametals

Just wondering…

the popstar isnt really a fundametal

to compare it i would say its i amazing yoyo for the price its a great fun pocket yoyo u wont be dissapointed.

well cause it’s not a fundametal it’s still a metal yoyo at a really funadble price.
really it’s very small compared to dv888 or others.
And when you comapre fundametals, there are differences of fundametals such as dv888 to a lunatic or tactic.
popstar compared to tacttic or lunatic, i’d say a lower rank, because it’s hard to learn or land lacerations but it’s cool. compared to dv888 (not much difference as lunatic or tactic) well not too low but still it can do all the tricks as nice up to any yoyo but just small and lower priced causing it to be underlooked at.

Would I be better to spend my money on a tactic or a lunatic because of sleeping capability or stability? (if it helps, my current main throw is a grind machine)

well if I reccomend better buy a YYF Yuuksta or DV888 then lunatic or tactic, because it is cheaper. I heard the popstar likes to tilt alot because the size is small.

Sleeping Capability MAY not be true. It uses the same good bearing, response pad and if you do, a good throw. POPstar is enough to get through anything. Probably the size that’s causing the doubt. Not sure about the tilting though.

wait if u wanted a popstar obviously u wanted it for the small size so get that cuz the other fundametals arent pocket yoyos

I wouldn’t put any yoyo in my pocket…