How to stack a Hayabusa or any Duncan


Lots of people have asked how to stack Hayabusas or Duncans in general, so here’s a way I figured out how to do it.

Thanks for watching, Contagon.

(JosephP) #2

i might try this thanks ;D


Wow! I’m gonna stack my FHZ now! Thanks!


does this work on a throw monkey…


I don’t own a throw monkey, but if it has that same basic axle system then you could make it work.


i dont know if it does did a trade and i am waiting for it to arrive…

n any ways do dice stacks work also


Dice stacks should work, they work on my Hayabusa


what do u use stacks for ???


That was super wicked… Plus i liked the song. ;D


It makes it so you can actually hold the yoyo, and makes it so theres more trick possibilities


cool 8)


I was looking for a stack “how to” for my FH2, this will work perfect! Thanks for the post!!!


by chance do you know how to unstack a yoyo factory grindmachine??


i dont think you can. the throw monkey has a different axle so it wont work


The Throwmonkey has essentially the same axle as a FHZ and Hayabusa. The bolt is somewhat shorter but still the same bolt and nut axle. If you have a long enough bolt it will work just fine, wergugy.

masterplayaa, are you talking about removing the plastic hubstacks and bearings or the entire nut and hubstack post assembly?


but its completly different do you have one?


Yes, I do have a Throwmonkey.
Yes, I do have a FHZ.
Yes, I do have a Hayabusa.

Thanks for asking.


awsome, i only have a throw monkey
did you stack yours?


No, I have a superstar with stacks and quite honestly I don’t use them much.


could you try and tell me if it works