Hayabusa Stacking


Guyz im new …
I wonder if you can tell me how to put stacks on my hayabusa
1st I take off the caps …
2nd What :smiley:

Do I have to buy stacks kit
Oh … here are pics with no caps


plZ help me :slight_smile:

(JayVee) #2

That’s easy! No modding required!
Just get yourself a YYJ Synergy Caps set, size 3. Here’s the link:
Just pop them onto the sides and you’re good to go.


The metal thingamagic are stacks rite ?


Regular stacks can’t be put on a hayabusa. Synergy caps might fit though.


Werrd Jimmy hats work with a little modding.
Fajar siqqid uses them on his hayabusas


So I can put regular stacks ?

(JonasK) #7

You can try to gut a PGM. This works on FHZ’s, not sure how it will work on a Hayabusa, but it seems pretty logical.


I did not understand can i buy Z-Stacks kit and put them ?


no, you need the whole kit not just z-stacks

(JonasK) #10

No kit, take out the stacks and axle from a PGM, I’m not 100% positive on this though, so you might want clear answer from an experienced modder.


This is a pointless request. I’m sorry but I don’t understand why you would want to do that. Just buy a yoyo with stacks.

(Mitch) #12

Imagine the fun of 4A play with stacks with out having to worry about ruining your metal! Unless you have a PGM… So I vote not so useless… I think that would be sweet, see someone do a 4A toss and catch the stacks, toss it back up and whip


None of you helped me guys :frowning:
I don’t Have a PGM understand
I have YYF Velocity … And A Duncan Hayabusa
I’ve seen videos witch there are hayabusa’s with stacks and i want to … >:(


Where have you seen a hayabusa with stacks? I want to see this.

(Mitch) #15

Here… Easiest solution:

OR… you can do all the mod work and do it the hard way

(JonasK) #16

You won’t get it for free. Get Synergy caps, or get a PGM and thake out the stacks and axle. It is in my understanding that the FHZ hubstack kit is no longer sold, so you’re better off with getting Synergy caps or a PGM.


I said useless because I think all stacks are useless. Look at most of the new YYF’s. No stacks.
There is a reason behind that.

(JackG) #18

hubstacks just would cause vibe