how can i put hub stacks on my hitman?

You have to take out the axle and cut off sides (Middle parts when you take off the caps) they look like nubs and then get a FHZ hubstack kit and fit that in. It risks making the hitman wobbly and a safer alternative would be to get synergy caps wish are also wobbly but you can take them out. Also, I think Takashi modded his speeder to have hubstacks.

Yes - But it will take some extreme modding skills. It isn’t really suggested to do so.

the only way i advise putting stacks on it would be to just literally put them on it

like so
otherwise your going to ruin your yoyo

don’t do it

Lol what?

If you will risk losing it, DO IT!
I want to do it with my Lyn Fury for some reason now…