So I want to put hubstacks on a super g. Is this possible with the stacks from a grind machine? Thanks!


It won’t look pretty but I guess it’s possible with a long enough axle. The hex nut from the PGM Posts will make the stacks stick out a little far unless you drill out a space to recess them, but i’m not sure exactly how much wiggle room you have there so you probably don’t want to bother trying to do that.

Modding a yo-yo in any way always runs the risk of permanently damaging it, so it’s not something we recommend doing. But if you don’t mind risking damage to your yo-yo then go for it and have fun tinkering.

I have seen people do it with a dv888, but I guess this won’t work as well?

I wouldn’t recommend adding stacks to a super G because it’s already a heavy yoyo with lots of rim weight and the addition of stacks(3.7 grams of center weight) may cause a pulsating wobble or vibe.