How to remove ReXtreme2.0 Cap off?

As the title said, I have to remove the cap because one side of the female screw became loose, I can’t put the yoyo back together tight. I need to glue the female screw which is inside the cap.

I tried suction cup and the size I have is the exact same size as the cap and the cap itself is curved and with markings making the surface not flat. I don’t want to pinch a hole because I don’t know the mechanism inside, I don’t wanna break anything. Is there another way to take the cap off?

Take something with a sharp point and try to pry it out working around the edges. The YYJ yoyos use a metal insert in each half the the axle screws into. You might be able to glue the insert back in. Try some super glue. It should flow enough to run down the sides of the insert.

I used a pushpin to pry the cap off my son’s Rextreme II. Added some superglue, let dry for a day, put caps back on & all has been dandy for several months.

Thanks guys I finally took the cap off. Although I use super glue too, a few drops might destroy the glue, guess it’s a bad idea to practice on solid ground

The throw we modded with super glue has held up for months of 4a play. Lots of hits to carpeted floor, front yard, wood floor. So far it has held up

Which superglue brand did you use?

Crazy Glue in the “pen” container (you take the cap off and need to push the tip against a surface for the glue to come out).