How to reassemble ball bearing.

While cleaning one of my bearings, not sure exact model but it’s center trac and came with yyf, the ball cage and balls came out of the bearing. So now I’m stuck with the inner and outer race separate. The cage and the 8 balls. Nothing I found on the internet were very useful in helping me put them back together. Is there anything can do or would it just be better to get another bearing?

Just buy a new one. Even IF you can reassemble it, it will likely not perform well. But give it a try, it might be informative. :wink:

is very difficult to reassemble it, you can try to put the cage between the two rings by inserting 7 spheres, the problem is the last ball, hardly be able to insert it because tolerance is minimal and before entering skip away to the right and left.
you can try to warm the outer ring so that dilates a little '… but careful not to burn yourself.