Broken bearing HELP, legit broken into peices

My YYJ N sized bearing came apart, how can I fix it? Now you know what a bearing looks like, the balls are magnetic.

Buy a new one…?

Eh, I just lost the rest of the balls, they got loose. Buying a new one is my only choice… Or maybe A 7 BALL BEARING.

what you would do to repair it I believe (if you still had all the ball bearings) would be just put it back together.
but the balls in the cage, put the cage on the inner track, then put the outer track over everything?
I’m just guessing here, so take what I said with a grain of salt. It doesn’t matter anyway, as you have to buy a new bearings.

Well, I lost them… I am just going to but a new one. Lesson learned: DO NOT DESHIELD A SLIM BEARING WITH A RUBBERY SHIELD.

Fun stuff! I had no idea the balls were magnetic.

Pretty cool to see a bearing disassembled. Sorry it had to happen to you though.

The balls should ideally not be magnetic, as far as I know. :wink: In a decent cage it probably isn’t going to make a difference. But they’re not magnetic by design; the forces of magnetism will potentially interfere with the free and true rotation of the balls…

I don’t have sources to cite (had a quick look, but nada), so I could be full of it. But I’m pretty sure magnetism is generally considered bad for this kind of bearing.