Who or how can i fix my YYF SPEC bearing?


i was paper slipping the bearing and i presed too hard and the bearing fell apart. i have all the parts including the 8 balls. i was wondering how i can fix this or who i can send it to (and for what price). thanks!


You could try putting the balls back in the cage and pop the cage back in the race. Maybe put the cage in first, then push the balls in. Really have never done that before so just guessing on this.


i tried that, but i was afraid i was going to bend the cage :frowning:


Well there’s really no other way than pushing them back in.


To put the bearing back together, place all of the balls in the bottom of the outer race while holding it vertical. Place the inner race on top of the balls and hold the inner and outer races together in this position. Then, use a needle to distribute the balls around the races. This is easily the most frustrating part, but once you get a few balls distributed around the bearing the rest becomes easy. Space all of the balls out as evenly as you possibly can. Then, push the cage back into place with the needle. If the cage doesn’t want to go back in, you can turn the bearing over to see which balls need to be moved slightly.

All of this is best done over some sort of tray or plate to catch the balls if you drop any.