How to mod yomega raiders for 2A tutorial!

Many have wondered how.

I made a nice video tut for all!

check it out, and mod yourself a nice pair of raiders for 2A!

Good luck!

J. :slight_smile:

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Wow! great video tutorial.
maybe I’ll try it sometime when I find two raiders.

I’ll tell ya what yoyoman, I like your enthusiasm. So PM me your address, and I’ll send you a couple raiders. They are older, so they have metal spacers, but you can buy plastic ones cheap. I have prolly 50-60 laying around in a box from forever ago. Barely ever used. But only condition is, I wanna see a GOOD 2A vid from you soon!

I have been practicing 3A on my dark magic and Legacy.
before I started practicing 3A I have had my hands on a Speed Beetle and a Pulse but they are a little bit unresponcive for 2A with what I have.
I have recently started 2A again and I can almost get a couple loops.
To you Oldschool I will try to see if my parents are okay with that.
And to that 2A video stipulation.
it may take a while if my parents are okay with it.

Lol, no problem man. Let me know.