how to make mini yoyo


how to make awsome mini yoyo. well today i was board and found a old yoyo. i took out the axel and got 2 bottle caps.drill a hole in both caps and then put the axel on. now hot glue 2 quarters on each side . atach the strin and your done this yoyo can NOT sleep but u can hide it at school and loop with it ;D


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D i love this mini yo yo its like mighty flea


did enyone make it


Nope :slight_smile:


haha 007 yoyo


its cool


not really. its kinda useless… :frowning:


It’s be a fun of you use like a ball bearing…and it could sleep

(Connor) #9

Cool, I dont think ill make one though. :frowning:


ill put a ball baring on it :slight_smile:


I’ll do it today with my Speed Beetle


Tell us how it goes!
Have Fun Throwing,


Ok yea i tried it… and it spins out of control, i’m gonna add wieght rings when i get off my butt and do something…


good idea ;D