How to make a Yo-yo string and Couple of explanations.

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Yo-Yo String Guide

by Tommy Gun, ExtremeSpin webmaster

Please note: This guide does not cover EVERY type of string out there. It covers the most common ones. If you have more information you think should be included, post it and I can add it.

Yo-Yo String History:

In the beginning there was type 8 cotton string. Of course, no one really called it that since it was the only kind. If you said you just bought some yo-yo string, there was no confusion as to what type it was. The original type 8 cotton string is what we now call 4x3 string, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Then came Spintastics Slick 6, and other brands of type 6 string. These are what we now call 3x2 string. It wasn’t so much the number of strands that made this special, but the fact that it is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It’s stronger and whiter than type 8 cotton, but also slightly thinner and less responsive. This is why 2A players might prefer type 8 cotton for looping.

At one point there was a bad batch of Slick 6. From the information that I could find (since I don’t remember the exact date), it happened around August of 2000. This bad Slick 6 skipped a step in the creation process, and was made of six strands wrapped together (instead of 3x2–three groups composed of two strands each), then doubled as normal. So this would now be called 1x6 (one group of 6 strands). 1x6 would technically be called type 2! In any case, it was a mistake, and the string played horribly. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but as I remember it was very stretchy and almost felt like it was going to unwrap while you were using it. It’s very unlikely that you’ll encounter it now, unless you know someone who has some very old string lying around. (As of 2005, there is a 1x10 type of Brazilian string. More on that later.)

Spintastics Slick 8 was introduced, which, like Slick 6, is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. However, unlike the original type 8 cotton string, this string is NOT 4x3, but rather 4x2.

In late 2004 some “new” type 9 string was announced (the first color was pink, followed by red, black, etc.). Well, according to the old naming convention, type 9 string cannot technically exist. See the string types section for more information on this. Type 9 string is what we now call 3x3, and it was actually what brought on the new naming scheme.

It turns out the pink type 9 string wasn’t the first type 9 to come out after all! In fact, we (ExtremeSpin) have been carrying other colors for years! As I was double-checking string strands when I wrote this guide, I realized that our multi-colored string is and always has been type 9! We were told that it was type 8 and none of us, or anyone in the yo-yoing community it seems, ever bothered to check!

100% 3x2 polyester string (type 6) was introduced in early 2005. It is even whiter than Slick 6, and smoother. It should be noted that since it’s polyester, players have noted that it can actually MELT, especially on a fixed axle[1]. Leaving it in direct sunlight could diminish its life[2].

[1] JonsterM notes that he melted one in 10 min. on a fixed wooden axle.
[2] live for today left some in his car, and they broke easily after that.

In August of 2005, 1x10 polyester Brazilian string hit retail. Similar to the bad batch of Slick 6 in construction, but this string is very good, arguably the best string out there! Who would have thought? As of this writing, it’s entirely hand-made on a drill!

Yo-Yo String Types Explained:

The original type 8 cotton string is named after the four groups (composed of three strands) that are doubled up, hence:

4 groups * 2 (doubled up) = 8

However, ALL string is doubled up (unless you tie the string directly to the axle, but we’re talking about real yo-yo string), so there’s no way you can have an odd number under the old naming rules. This “type 9” string is made up of three groups (composed of three strands), doubled up as always. So technically this would be called type 6 since 3 * 2 = 6. Obviously it was time for more accurate names. It was discussed in the community, and someone (I don’t know who first said it) came up with the idea of “strands x strands.” There’s no need to include the original “2” in the equation, since like I said, ALL string is doubled up. Here is the way string is made:

(image to be added) Doubled up - groups - strands

So the original type 8 cotton is 2x4x3. As you can see, it is the FIRST TWO numbers that are multiplied, otherwise it would be called type 12. “Type 9” string is 2x3x3–the LAST TWO numbers are the ones multiplied to get the nine, which goes against the original definition. So it was decided to drop the “doubled up” part since it’s not needed, and call string by their groups and strands (the last two numbers). Therefore, the original type 8 cotton string is now called 4x3, Slick 6/Type 6 is 3x2, and “type 9” is 3x3.

Conversion Reference:

Original Type 8 = 4x3
Slick/Type 6 = 3x2
“Bad” Slick 6 = 1x6
Slick 8 = 4x2
Type 9 = 3x3
Brazilian (no old name) = 1x10

So now, instead of saying “I just bought some type six string,” you should say, “I just bought some three by two string.” However, a lot of players are still used to the old names, and they’re somewhat easier to remember and say, so you should know the old names too.

From  (

2A Players!, Or people who wan;t to start 2A,

Pat Cuartero (CEO of HIGHLY recommended,

SLICK 8 string (50% cotton, 50% polyester, type 8 (4x2)).

Japanese Players (Mostly) use, This is because Slick 6 provides more tension on the string. More tension leads to faster loops.  I’ve tried it, and yes they’re great, but I personally have been using Slick 8.  Your choice!  It’s all about personal preference.  Thanks to Kazuyuki fort his info. (I think he mean “Kazuyuki Sugimura”, The 2A player from Team High Performance (THP), He Invented the 2A “Tangler”

SLICK 6 string (50% cotton, 50% polyester, type 6 (3x2))

Hope it helps to you guys!

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