How to make a string ball !

String balls are awesome !
They allow you to reflect on how much you’ve yoyoed and also give you soothing better to do with your dead strings than to throw them away. Personally I used to gather them up in a pile, and burn them, but ever since I stumbled upon the popular “string ball” I have since changed my ways.

So here is how I make them, I know some people wrap the string up and utilise that as the ‘base’, but this is how I go about it.

How large is you’re string ball ? How long have you been growing it ?

…if you keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, you will eventually get something like this… That part was kind of funny.

I’ve always untwisted at the end of a string and pulled the next string through there, then make the slip knot, giving me one continuous piece of string that’s being wrapped around. I’m going to wait until it’s ~basketball sized and then unwrap it just to see how long it is.

Also; you eat apples incorrectly

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WOW, I really have been eating apples wrong, thanks for that !

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No problem. I discovered that little gem a year or two ago and have been trying to spread the word ever since!

Really liked the video, I’ve never been explained how to do it so that is great. I think I might have to wait til I have like 20 more dead strings to start, but I certainly want a string ball :wink:

Geez, the ball that the guy made in the YouTube vid in the upper post was crazy huge!