How big is your ball

Just a random yoyo string thing. So how big is your string ball?

This is mine after about a years worth of strings.

How do you get that much??? I have less than 10 strings, and I play an hour a day…

How you you make a ball of string like that?

I don’t add to it often. I’m too lazy, so I mostly throw away my string. But here it is for what it’s worth.

I just keep mine in a plastice bag, i probably have about 50

are the balls used string or new ???


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what type of ball is the base? Baseball, handball, tennis ball?

oh. my strings look more worn out. wonder why.

It might just be string wrapped up as the base so the whole ball is made of string.


My ball of used string is a bit larger than the cone it came from.

To yoyoaddict96: The base is just a single string wound up tightly.

mine is the size of a big yo.

mine is all 100% used yoyo string, I just started by having a couple of dead strings lying about and decided to ball them up.

Pics or it isn’t.

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i just folded up a string really small and wound another string over it… then kept going.
here’s what it looked like after the 1st string - lol.

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I don’t make a string ball out of my used string, my mom crochets little yoyo holders out of the (i think their called cozies?). ;D . They hold 1 yoyo, and i have 2 full size, and 1 mighty flea sized!

i wad some paper than wrap my string around