Do throw away your sting!

Hey guys I’m trying to make a yoyo string backpack and used up all my string (used string)

So if you guys are interested in helping me with my goal to finish my yoyo string backpack, and are willingly able to send me some of your used up string (cause really what else are you going to do with it) just send me a pm.

Lol DONT throw away your sting.

You could probably make the entire backpack out of my string ball.

I will save mine and send it to you!

I’ll save mine and send them to you too and I use a lot of string you might have to pay for shipping tho lol

Ya man i could pay for shipping.

I always throw away my string.

I have a ball of about 75 string

Here is the year to today, in yoyo string.

Wow. How do you guys begin making one of those balls? Not a bad idea.

I started with a little rubber ball and worked from there. just tightening the slipknot around the ball and wrapping the string around

Not as big but it’s a start

Mine is string, all the way down. You just have to have enough when you start, then you don’t need a ball or anthing in the middle.

Yeah I started a string ball on January 1st… it’s about as big as the one pictured above next to the TK.

Awesome backpack idea though, it looks great so far!! I bet it’ll spark lots of intrigue and when you tell them it’s used yoyo string they’ll probably go speechless!

Cool project bro… way cooler than my string ball… :frowning: