Project: Cones To Balls

this is the new blog project that i’m working on with steve brown. actually, since he found another string cone, we’ll be adding one more player, but we haven’t finalized who that will be.

essentially, we’ll both be hand-twisting ALL of our own string from OLD (and very large) type 8 cotton duncan spools, and blogging about it (and about life in general). this will continue either for the next year or until all of the string runs out. we’re not allowing ourselves to pre-twist more than 15 strings on any given day, and all of our dead string will be rewound into really dirty, stinky balls.

at the link above, you can follow our progress if you’re so inclined.

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Awesome project!

Looking forward to following the blog. Also looking forward to seeing the video you mentioned in your post :slight_smile:

Its about time its been updated! :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like fun…who wins the sweaty, oily, stinky ball of string? hahaha ;D

Cool idea.

What do you mean by twisting your own string?
Like cut a long piece and fold in half then twist.
Or cut 4 pieces and twist them, then fold in half.
Just wondering :-\