Ball of memories

So when I first got back into yoyoing about 3 years ago, I decided to start a string ball. It was just on a whim and I had no real reason to do it other than just because I thought it was cool. It grew and grew as I went on yoyoing, groming from what started as a few strings to a big ball of at least 6" diameter. So today, on a whim, I decided to unravel my string ball… Its wierd looking at almost 3 years of used up yoyo string was a really emotional experience for me, it brought back memories, good and bad, its like my life was contained in these strings, they were with me almost everyday for the past few years… They’ve seen me at my best and at my worst… Every knot was a mile stone… Every new color a different season… It was good for me… I feel like I met a new me in my past self… I don’t know really everything it made me feel. I know I wont stop saving my string no matter how wierd it may seem.

Not weird at all! I have mine in a ball, it’s actually really cool. You can see which colors are my favorite, and all the way back to some of the first stuff I used :slight_smile: very neat

Yeah I noticed that too, the core is a mixture of random stock strings surounded by pink, my first pack of bulk string, then I moved the mostly my random homemade strings, then to a bunch of green bulk, and orange, and now about two packs of yellow, of course there is the random different string thrown in from friends who let me try their fancy boutique strings too. Its kinda sad, the inside is so fun with all the different colors now its all one color…

Sounds cool, how do you make a string of ball? (I got to go for 30 minutes, so be right back)

I started mine with about 10 strings all smushed together to make a core ball then I just started wrapping string around it and tied each string together end to end. Does that make sence? Sorry I’m bad at explaining xD

Makes total sense… But did you break each string? Or did you just wear them out? Cause that’s a lot of string to go through o_O

I just look at each of my broken yoyos and it’s memory enough lol


This thread would have been epic with pics

Eh, mind showing us pics of your Ball of Memories? ? ;D?

Most were worn out, but a few were broken, most of the broken ones brought up bad memories, often even non yoyo related memories, when I felt my life had lost all control and I just couldnt take it any more…

I should have taken a pic while it was all unraveled but here is one of the ball as a whole:

Nice! I think I’m going to start doing this.

EPIC! I got to do that! How do you know when a string is worn out?

When it stops holding string tension well is when I change strings usually…

Every 2 weeks o_O

Well I have string to spare so I normally change strings after 10 or so hours of play so maybe once every other day unless I stick with one yoyo for a couple days then its new string every morning xD

Wow… I’ve had my string for 4 days ._.

Don’t worry how long you use your string, it all depends on how much you play, what string you use, how much you have, and the person using it. I play with a string a couple hours a day and my strings last a few weeks, unless I get a huge knot or it snaps on me.

Wish I had done this…

Its never too late to start