How to make a stock DM better?

Any suggestions on how to make a DM spin as ridiculous as the one Andre Boulay uses on the instructional clips?

Work on your throw. That’ll be the most important thing you can do.

Andre seems to be rather keen on a KK bearing being the best (and only) upgrade for the DM. Other than that, like another poster mentioned, work on your throw. Constantly.

Yeah, Get a KK, that’s what Andre does.

Getting a new KK or SPEED bearing will improve your DM’s performance immediately. Working on your throw is a more permanent solution, though.

As said, work on your throw. Also try some shims to widen your gap. ;D

I would silicone the o ring or get a silicone oring.

I say you: Keep it stock, practice your throw, and break in the bearing and response system. KonKaves and shims aren’t really necessary for performance, and won’t enhance your skills or increase spin times.

What is the new speed bearing supposed to do???

Try silicone. Helped me. And work on throwing.

It’s a new stainless steel bearing from YoYoJam. It comes dry and unresponsive.

Andre puts a KK in but leaves the rest stock. All he has is a good throw. So work on that.

Wise man!!!

give it to andre. it’ll be awesome.
or just work on your junk. it’ll be awesome.

I heard that if you play a DM with a KK and narrow gap, you automatically becaome just as good as André.

Lol yeah I heard that too.

oh em gee guys, you r so totlly lirs!!! i tried this on mah dm but i was still suxorz. wth? i thot wit the kk i would be 1337, butt you al wer wrongzzz :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(



You my friend, are the funiest person on this forum. Congratulations.

Haha, with certain people on this forum that’s a pretty difficult achievement! :smiley:

Thank you to the folks who replied seriously to a new players question. I was hoping for supportive feedback, since with any hobby it is difficult to have the established hobbyist help. We are all apprentices, and more than once.