How does he do that-is it the string?

Watched the learning videos and am confused. How does Andre get his DM to return as though it’s responsive and then sleep long enough to the tricks on show ???
I either need 2 or 3 turns round the bearing to make my DM responsive or it will only return using binding.

The string it came with seemed capable of making this happen, but then it broke.
I’ve been using 100% polyester since and have had to bind or wrap many times.

Is it the string?
What am I missing?

100 % Poly strings, are quite slick, and are normally used for slack tricks, but he will have used something called lube in the bearing, there are 2 types, thick and thin viscosoty, he will have just but a few drops of thick lube in the bearing and that is what makes it tug responsive, but also let it have enough spin time to do the tricks,

hope I helped!

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Yeah… Thick lube = responsive. Also, do you have the Dm v1 or v2

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Ya, I can say from personal experience that there is a tangible difference between DM1 and DM2. His likely has double O rings whereas the DM1 has that hybrid shenanigans. I just sanded mine off and it works much better imo.

It’s called an adjustable gap. Cuz, I had a black knight. Some times, I’d throw it, try and do a trick, and it would mysteriously come up. Read it. Adjustable gap - narrow: Responsive wide: unresponsive

Andre uses a dm 1 and has a kk bearing In it

Andre is an amazing yoyoer and has a great throw so he can make most yo-yos sleep a tremendous amount of time

Hey, thanks for the input.

The lube seems to make sense and if I’m reading this right dual o-rings are better than the hybrid system I’ve got going on with my DM (now obviously a v1).

The gap thing ::slight_smile: makes sense, but I’ve dialled it right down and still need two turns around the bearing to get it to respond to a tug and then it slows right down (I’ve just got the beginnings of The matrix going but it keeps slowing and tilting of the string, difficult even to get more then three spins on split the atom and still get it to respond!).

On it’s widest setting I need to go around three times when binding to get any response at all!

I like the adjustable gap, but want to get response when it’s tightened right up without having two or three turns around the bearing!

I’ll look into the lube…would slick 6 50/50 strings make a difference?

Andre does in fact use plays it completely stock, as said in the interview, The yo-yos in the videos were stock

When did he say that? Can you find me the video?

In the videos where he was playing unresponsive, he actually did use a kk.

Search up Andre Boulay Interview on google and there’s your answer

Many yoyo bearings come with some lube. Thick lube will make ANY yoyo responsive, no matter how wide the gap. In an adjustable gap yoyo like the DM you can tune it how you like.

As the bearing which comes with the DM usually has a bit of medium viscosity lube it’ll be minimally responsive already… gap adjustment from the stock bearing should let you get either responsive, unresponsive or some mix.

If you clean your bearing like many folk say, you’ll get dead unresponsive, and even with a wound down gap your yoyo will be unlikely to return on tug. Even a pinhead of thick lube (or a drop or two of thin lube) will bring it back tug responsive. You can tune all these things to get it just right.

Like folk say though a lot is about your throw and other skills. Getting a minimally responsive yoyo to tug return is like binding, a tricky skill that requires you to know your yoyo well. If you rely on your yoyo being too responsive to get it back to your hand, you’re trading off spin time (as response is effectively friction and slows the yoyo).

So sure, experiment with tuning your yoyo to how you like… but work on your skills more - that’s what’ll make it sing.

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I believe in a more recent interview he stated he was using center trac bearings on a DM siliconed on the o-ring side. This has most likely changed since the DM2 came out.