How to make a better yo-yo string?

I already know how to make yo-yo string, but I would like to know any other ways to do it so that I can make various strings at once. Also a list of thread types along with their average cost and durability. Also how many loops will it take to make a reasonably thick string made of the materials you mention.

Apart from this, I was going to buy some polyester to make string and there were different types of polyester like trilobal polyester and spun polyester; I ended up buying spun polyester because it was cheaper, and it is horrible, it doesn’t last long enough, breaks very easily, and it’s very thin. I thought every type of polyester was good.-By this I mean how many loops to make a reasonably thick spun polyester string and why this happens with this type of thread. Help me! :’(

Thanks! ;D

Why dose no one read my How to make a string guide?

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You should post it more often, and you only made it a week ago.

I made it yesterday and it has all the info he needs in there.

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That’s not a long time, it takes a while for everyone to see it.

Your right, maybe I’m just to much in a hurry. Later.

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I’m going to attempt to be helpful and actually post the link:

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I just hadn’t seen your thread until today,

There’s also another thread similar to this…,3005.msg35021/topicseen.html#new
It might have some useful info.