How to Hubstack A Yoyofactory OnE

Here’s my Video on how to hubstack your yoyofactory ONE. >

Hope this tutorial helps. Also my ONE is Splashed. :slight_smile:

This has got to be the most pointless mod ever. But the video was good.

Hows it pointless but the videos good?

That one looks pretty sick.

The job was well done, but I have no idea why you would want hubstacks, which are annoying and useless, on a crappy yoyo like the One.

Maybe because he didn’t want to risk a far more expensive yoyo trying to hubstack it? Maybe its because the stacks from the PGM fits right on?

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Exactly, also hubstacks are my favorite and I only own 3 unresponsive throws. So this is the only one to hubstack. :stuck_out_tongue: I took em’ off after the video.

I don’t find it to be a crappy yoyo

one of my favorites.

That’s your opinion. I’m entitled to mine as well.

Then it’s a yoyo you don’t like. There’s a difference between a crappy yoyo and a yoyo not to your preference

everyone has personal opinions well said


Has anyone tried this yet??