how to hit spirit bomb consistently

Okay, so I can do most of the tricks on every list but it’s spirit bomb that gets me. I’ve been working on it for a few months now and I used to be able to never hit that second pop. Fortunately, now I can get it about one in ten times but I want to hit it more consistently. Most of the time I can get it through the triangle on the second pop but the string is really far down my arm and the string that I’m supposed to land on is out of the way. Does anybody have any tips so I can hit spirit bomb more often? I’d appreciate any advice.

Hop the yoyo higher. Open your throwhand wider. Keep your hand movements straight when you uncross.

Ive been working on this trick for days and countless hours, still has me stumped! Thanks for the tips. I think i will scream when i finally land it haha

I tend to over power pop type tricks. I pop the yo so hard it often hits the end of the string and returns like a bolt of lightining. I have to try not to pop it too hard. Play with the energy in that pop. You want maximum height without it hitting the end of the string to hard. When done with the proper energy it is much easier to see what is happening.

On the second pop, the only way I’m getting anything approaching consistency is to hop high (as suggested in this and other threads) and NOT pull my hands too far apart. If I leave them loose-ish, it keeps the triangle from closing up on me.

Also, for whatever reason the string on the non-throw-hand on the second pop wants to slip around the back of my hand instead of my forefinger. The times I manage to keep it on the forefinger, the larger the triangle is (making it easier to land it through).

A difficult trick.