How to get started?

Hey everyone.

I used to play with the yo-yo all the time ages ago when I was younger, and used to know some tricks that came on a booklet when I bought it (nothing too complicated). I saw my old yo-yo on a box full of old toys yesterday and since I’m way older now and I know what internet is, I decided to pick it up again and start practicing.

Is there any website/youtube user with progressive tutorials on how to do tricks? I’d like some good tutorials that could teach me from the very basic moves to more advanced stuff without having to look for the names of the tricks since I honestly don’t know them. I prefer videos but text is good too.

Also, does the yo-yo matter much? I only have this yo-yo which is over 10 years old so I don’t know if that’s a problem.

Thanks in advance.

There is a great learn section here on this site, I learned mater tricks here.

I thought this was just a forum, didn’t notice it had a learning section. That’s exactely what I was looking for though, thanks. One question though: Are all yo-yos supposed to “sleep” for that long? I was watching the videos and his yo-yo seriously never stops spinning! Mine stops really fast… Is this just technique problem?

Well anymore, us yoyoists use yoyos that are really heavy around the rims, giving us long spin times.  Also to answer one of your questions, you don’t NEED a special kind of yoyo, but if you want to step us in the world of yoyoing from the old one, talk to a guy named Ricerocket on here.  He can sell you a couple nice plastic yoyos for pretty cheap.  Also you can look through the shop.

Those are some links to some nice beginner yoyos.  Although you, being in a different country may want to find a toy store near you and see what else you can find, because int’l shipping could kill.

Not all yoyos sleep that long. And he has been practising hes throw a lot. You will get better the mor you practice. :wink:

He also has a YYJ Dark Magic, which has a lot of weight on the rims, so a lot of spin time.
What kind of yoyo do you have lightning?

That velocity looks nice and it’s not that expensive even with express shipping. It might takes ages to get here if I do order one though so I don’t know. Local toy stores only have yo-yos for babies basically. Brands like Hello Kitty so it’s not an option.

I’m not at home but I think the yo-yo I have is called Yomega X-Brain. I bought it because it was shiny (I was like 8 at the time so yeah). I had a different one made of wood too but it broke.

Which is why your yoyo doesnt sleep for very long.

The yomega X-Brain has a clutch system, which makes the yoyo return to your hand automatically.
The velocity is a good choice because it can follow your skill level really well. I’d recommend that

Your pretty much in the same boat I am in. I play with an x-brain :). It’s fun although I want to get a velocity soon!

I guess I’m stuck with this one for now too. I’m ordering one today and I’ll just play with this one meanwhile. Can you do any sleeping tricks with it at all?

Yea my x brain is pretty good. I can do eiffel tower, motercycle, jamican flag, rock the bay-beh, walk the dog, and some beginner looping tricks.

I can do all the beginner tricks listed in the learn section here. Watch how to do a sleeper to maybe try get it to sleep longer.

Bubba be right.

The clutch will only activate a relatively low RPMs, so a stronger throw would really help

bubba be right as in…

bubba be right next time cause you were wrong?

or bubba be right as in bubba is right?

Sorry I was a little confused.

I’m 18 and I STILL buy things just because they’re shiny ;D

Also, The Velocity is a great yoyo, and In my opinion the best beginner-intermediate yoyo out there.

I ordered one already. The European airports are closed due to vulcanic ashes though so it’s going to take a while to come I guess… While I’m waiting though, I found another one that belonged to my brother I think. It’s a Duncan Speed Beetle.

I can do some loop tricks that I used to know with it (like around the world), but it only sleeps for about 5 seconds until it completely runs out of spin. If I throw it harder, it just won’t sleep. It comes right up. I can do a sleeper on the X-Brain even throwing it really hard so I don’t think this is technique. Is there any way to fix this?

with the speed beetle, are there black circular stickers on the side?

If so, take one off and then your hard throw return problem should be fixed.