How to get my parents to buy me a new yoyo

How do i get my parents to buy me the czm8 now i want it now not for my birthday or christmas

Well it’s yo-yoing–a safe, infinitely creative hobby/sport depending on how you look at it. Very cheap hobby as well, you’ll only need one yoyo.

Checkmates are only $45 dollars too :slight_smile:

What brand are they

The Checkmate? Oh I meant the same thing as the CZM8

Oh yah sorry dude im stupid and i know they are one of the cheaper high end metal yoyos

Yeah, I’d go for a Checkpoint though, I hear its a highly improved version; same price.
Any of the benchmarks by Onedrop are fantastic as well and incredibly durable–if you end up damaging the threads in some way you can buy another pair of side effects for cheap.

I hate to deter you, but i would NOT get a czm8. It’s an OK yoyo, but there are a lot of other yoyos out there that are much better and about the same price. I would personally recommend either the Yoyofactory Shutter, or the Yoyofficer Lava.

As for getting your parents to by you a yoyo, if I knew the answer to that, I would have a LOT more yoyos.

CZM8 I find pretty fun, better than what I expected after reading about “meh” opinions on the forums. It’s growing on me. Another good one is the Czechpoint which is like a suped up, improved CZM8.

Now as far as convincing the parents…first off, are the parents willing to shell out the cash for a yoyo? I know many shudder at the thought that a yoyo costing $45. I once did too, now I think that’s cheap :slight_smile:

Secondly, while I know we’re about 6 months away from the holiday season, how long of a wait do you have for your birthday? I went this route when I was younger. I was a month away from my birthday and was wanting a Yomega Brain yoyo. At the time my parents thought $12 was expensive for a yoyo (this is 1996-ish by the way when most yoyos were $3-5 in the mall toy shops. Knowing it was more expensive than the $3 Duncan, and knowing birthday was coming up shortly, they told me to wait as I had a birthday coming up. So I kind of had no choice…I even had $5 to put towards it that I had left from my allowance. If only I held off on buying those rubber snakes and lizards :slight_smile:

I did end up getting the Brain for my birthday and to fill that gap of learning to yoyo, I used my $5 for a Duncan Imperial.

If you have a birthday coming up pretty quick, I’d honestly wait. Let it be a nice “OMG Birthday Gift”.

DUDE! You know what? I just had a brilliant idea. BTW, the Czech Point is much better than the CZM8. And I have news that a new run and colors (splashes and the like) of the CZPoint will be releasing on August 1st. Get that instead, I know I am!

The CZPoint is in many ways an upgrade on the CZM8. I still recommend it but I recommend both. To see the review compared to a CZM8, see here:,84711.0.html

The only thing stopping somebody is the colorways right now, which is why I said wait 2 weeks to August 1st! Win-win!


Oh man…if there’s a Galaxy CzPoint…my wallet and bank account is going to hate me as I will most likely end up getting a Galaxy version to join my plain black one.

I am really excited, as my favorite color is going to be released (shh! secret stuff!). Can’t give away more but yeah, coming in a few weeks! I am definitely getting another one.

How to get your parents to buy you a YOYO? You don’t. Earn some money (in whatever legal way possible) and buy it. You could also trade for one. They have relatively low secondary market value, and getting one shouldn’t be hard on the b/s/t.

Yea, honestly, the best way is to earn it, work for it. $45 item is honestly a lot to ask for if you don’t have your own source of income. If you already get some form of allowance, save up for it. That’s what I did when I grew my collection of yoyos growing up.

…and on a grander scale, that’s what I’m doing now to buy yoyos (as I’m putting in my 40 hours weekly :slight_smile: )

Mown a couple lawns for 10$ and Such. And you’ll have the money for the yoyo in no time. Might even have more money to get something better if you mow 5-6 lawns right.

Subliminal messages, compliments, do extra chores without being asked, but whatever you do don’t communicate your desire for a new yoyo. :wink:

While they’re sleeping, hover the computer cursor above the “Submit Order” button, and then put the mouse on top of their alarm clock.


I laughed. That brightened up my morning that did.

Far be it from me to advertise, but you’re free to enter the contest we have ongoing:,85564.60.html

Everyone has a decent chance of winning some big bucks, so you’re free to join the fray. :smiley:

This is a brilliant idea but I order on tablet so any more idea?

This reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…
Sounds to me like a bad egg.
“I want it now” and down the trash shoot she went.

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Didn’t see that, thought he meant he wanted it FOR his birthday or christmas.

Dude, work for it yourself :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t get them to buy it for you.