How to fix string tension on offstring yoyo?

the subjects says pretty much everything :slight_smile:

what i do is when i drop my yoyo or if i have some spare time i take the string and whip it up then quickly snap it back down. seeems to work for me.

You can do this after you toss up the yoyo, too. Toss the yoyo up, crack the string like a whip, and catch.

I don’t do of string, but it would seem to me that since the string is not hard connected to the yoyo that it would be self correcting as the yoyo comes off the string. It should be a very similar effect as when you have the yoyo un-wound and take it off your finger the string will untwist by itself.

You don’t do offstring? You should :wink: All in fun.

Any trick where you let go of the string works. Forward pass and brain twister mounts don’t actually correct the tension all the way because your NTH limits it. Suicides are good or whips where you don’t hold the far end of the string. Or you can just toss the yo-yo up, whip the string around back into your NTH and catch.

Be sure to learn to wind it without doing it manually!

I have never had to adjust the tension of a 4A string.

You shouldn’t have to either.


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I’ve seen and experienced it too. Some people have a problem that I guess you don’t. Doesn’t mean they don’t have that problem.

Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

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If you think about it.
The reason an attached yoyo would get string tension is due to the throw being tethered, thus you get twisting occurring on each throw.

in 4A, you are constantly letting go of and recatching the string. Meaning that for each time you let go of the string, the tension will return to a somewhat normal and equal state.

Unless you are doing 4A where you are never letting go of anything (which I doubt as every regen, recatch, etc, will have at least a second of letting go) your tension should be constantly returning to a normal and equal state.

Just saying it like it is.


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Only time I’ve ever had a tension thing on a 4A is when I get a snag and then loop for like 3 minutes with it for fun.

I think you figured it out. This post should have been your first post.

That’s my feeling on it, and probably said better than I did above.