How to find the difference between strings?

I’ve ran into a bit of a problem: how can you tell the difference between 100% polyester strings to 50-50 & 100% cotton strings?

the juggling shop owner in my my country can’t tell the difference between his string packs- he has many different colored yoyojam string packs. he sent me 1 of each pack (a white, yellow & green) so maybe I could decide which is which before I order- so how can I do it?
what are the most obvious differences in the feeling? are there different colors to different material yyj string? are there different thread amounts (6 ply, 8 ply etc.) for different materials so I can check how many threads is the string divided to?

do polyester strings “split” a little after playing a while- I mean are there tiny hairs coming out of them, making them a bit fuzzy, like in cotton?

For me, the coton is the roughest, and lasts the shortest.

50/50s are a little less rough, and last a good deal longer than the Cottons.

And polys are the softest, and last the longest out of all.

I am pretty sure that “YYJ” String is all 100% Poly. It’s difficult to explain how to feel the difference, but to be honest before it breaks in it can be very hard.

I can tell by feel… and how they play and if they play well who cares what there made of… lol

does it take much longer for polyesters to begin getting fuzzy and full of little hairs?

My experience is that polys will last much longer before fraying than cotton, and when they do fray, it won’t be nearly as bad. It’s also important to note that I’ve never had a poly snap on me, but I’ve had a few cottons that sent my yo-yo rolling down the street.

hmm. how long does it usually take to your polys to start fraying?

I can usually go about 3-4 days throwing an average 2.5 hours/day without noticing any fraying on good polys (Mondos). I know some others may disagree, but that’s my experience. I’d say with standard YYJ polys you should have a comparable length of time, if not a bit shorter, depending on how often you throw, your yo-yo’s set-up, response, etc. If you have the means to get ahold of Mondos, I’d highly recommend you do so. They’re really fantastic polys.

ratfacedudeguy, you mean your poly string remains perfectly the same after about 5 hours of playing?!
do you mean it survives that long before you replace it, or do you mean it doesn’t change at all during this time?

Oh I’ll milk a string for all it’s worth before changing it. Especially with Mondos since they come long and I have to trim them on each change. Of course, after some play, you’ll notice at least some wear on the string. My Mondos usually lose some of their bounce before I notice any real fraying, and I’d say the 5 hours of play before the frays start is fairly accurate