how to anno and satinize

//JM EDIT: This kind of thing is extremely dangerous and this is not the place to post a text description of how to do it. I’m glad to see the effort, but it’s just not appropriate here.

I gave up reading because if you’re going to do something like this, it’s probably a good idea to type correctly.

This is not for children to try! If any of you kids want to try this, ask your parents first! It’s not something to toy around with!

It also seems like there isn’t much information on what to do, but that could just be me.

oops i for got to say you need parental support because the sulfuric acid is very corrosive

i gave every single possible detail on anno there could be tell me what else should i put ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

oh alright i understand look again at the easier to understand process

I said it might have just been me. I’ll wait for a big-time modder to comment.

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Also, sulfuric acid is probably a little more than very corrosive, electricity is very dangerous (the amps coming out of your wall outlet could kill you almost right away if I’m not mistaken), and the other acids probably aren’t good for you either.

Good description of the types though.

and i did type correctly its just that some of these words are not understandable in the dictionary like desmut

the only acids that are extremely dangerous is the sulfur and dye everything else all you need is a gas mask and gloves but for the sulfur i wear a chemical suit my uncle lends me

Just so all who wants to know the baseline system to buy is roughly $500. Not including your chemicals. Just the heater and power supply as well as your tanks. Maybe some of the chemicals but not the acid. They can’t ship that.

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You don’t need a fancy wood sander to satin yo-yos. Nor is a lathe in any way that much more useful than a drill. The main thing to remember for satining is that the only thing that will hinder you is your imagination. There are so many variables with the process and all of them will give good but different results.

For example:
What grit did you start at? What grit did you end at? Did you use wet or dry sandpaper? Did you use scotchbrite at any time? Did you use steel wool? Did you use a rotary tool (drill, drill-press, lathe, dremel etc.) or did you do it by hand?

i used 400 grit sand paper my uncles lathe and wood sander for mirror finish ;D

i thought it was a good tutorial ;D

y thx :slight_smile:

Say what girt you should use in the explanation. Say, i used 150, then went up to 300, then to 450, then to 800 and it had a nice finish, or something. And i thought saitining was a down step from polishing?

exactly so to polish it after satinize you use the wood sander for smootheness