How to adjust your throw to stop wobble?

My Severe wobbles a little when I throw it but goes smooth when I touch my finger to it. So how do I get a smooth throw everytime

If the vibration in the yoyo smooths out or stops vibrating when you touch while spinning, then there is nothing wrong with the yoyo. You just need to spend more time working on your throw and the speed you can put into the spin.
Concentrate on getting more snap on your yoyo when you go to throw it down. Sometimes allowing one of your fingers to act as a guide for the string to run across all the way to the tip of your finger.
If your having a hard time getting a good spin on the yoyo, then try a different type of string or fiction stickers so that your getting a better bind each time.
Otherwise you just need repetition over and over with that yoyo until you develop a muscle memory for the way that yoyo plays.

I should have maybe found out what your experience level was at first before I gave any advice. I just automatically assumed that you were just staring out.
Another thing your should take into mind is that the Severe is a very wide, unresponsive, and advanced players plastic yoyo. The shape of that yoyo and the width will make the stability of it feel much more touchy. The fact that it is a unresponsive yoyo, designed for somebody who already has a concrete understanding and a developed muscle memory; will play a huge roll on how the yoyo plays for you if you do not already possess the experience and skill that this yoyo was specifically designed to utilize.

Advanced, your first advice is great. Thanks, I am getting better with the yoyo.

Glad to hear it! I love the Severe, but I switched the red stickers out for a set of natural color stickers and been using StringLab Type X string with it. It now plays like a dream and has become one of my favorite throws at the moment.