How the...

How did he do it ?  :o

Decks on decks on decks…

Wouldn’t want to play 52 card pick up with him around…

I think it’s pretty clear he didn’t hold all those cards with just two hands…

I saw a card fly out of his jacket at one point… How does he keep them in?! x.x

The TSA must love him!


He had pockets and pockets full. Watch him bring his hand behind his back constantly. When he turns around, he just take some from the inside of his pocket. When he’s flicking them off his fingers, he had just taken some and was flicking them from the side of his hand that is not showing. It all happens so fast that it’s hard to notice.

It’s magic!

Best explanation yet.

What I hate about certain people who watch magic is they dont just sit back and enjoy it. They always try and figure it out, when really, thats not the point.


It’s hard to enjoy when you can figure it out.

Trying to figure it out is where I get my enjoyment from. I know I’m not the majority there, but I can’t be the only one :o


Just saying even if he is grabbing from his jacket it takes incredible dexterity and skill to both hide the drawing of the cards and to manipulate them that way. Probably put in more hours than anyone here has throwing.

Don’t worry, you’re not.

Some days I enjoy solving the mystery of how everything was done. Other days, I’m happy to just sit back and marvel at the amount of skill, dexterity, practice and creativity it takes to execute.


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