Are there any Magicians in Here??

I’ve been practicing magic off and on for about a year now. Was just wondering if there are any other magicians in here? How long have you been doing it? What’s your favorite magic effect (or tricks as others would call them.) I really enjoy the signed card to wallet routine. Or the ambitious card routine.

I’ve been into it for about 4 years. I’d say my favorite effects are:

Haunted Deck (With loops)
Pen in Bottle
Variations of the $5 & $1 transpo

I am really in to magic but lack of people or audience I do it sometimes.

My favourites are coin trick. Mind magic. As I keep losing my deck of cards. Swooooooosh.

And I’m doing off and on for 5 years were there where TV shows and then I bought magic kits two of them buy those really don’t help now I sometimes watch Marco frzza.

Who’s you favourite magic teacher of you tube?

I haven’t really watched alot of YouTube people but for me it was Brad Christian, Daniel Madison, and Justin Miller.

I play around with some card magic for fun, though I don’t perform or anything.

The ambitious card routine is really nice. My favourite trick is probably Lennart Green’s laser deal (unless you mean something I can actually do, because I can’t do that, but it is amazing to watch).

I was going more along the lines of what you can do? Lol but hey… Telling us your favorite of all times to see is all good too.

Ah, yeah, I thought maybe that was what you meant after I put that down. In that case, I really like the last trick in this video (not sure what it’s called), and I like doing a variation of this Magician vs Gambler routine.