Any of you heard of it? It is kinda like fancy card handling. So, anybody here do it? What deck do you use? What do you recomend for a beginner as far as decks go? Also, i couldn’t find any trick tutorials for beginners and was wondering for those of you that do it (if anybody) where did you learn?Again, who does it, what deck do you use, and where do i learn?

Does that mean nobody does this?

I have no clue what that is…

There was a guy on here that did that stuff. I think his name was The Cardist or something like that!

Very cool stuff!!!

I used to do it a little bit. I used an Arcane deck from ellusionist. Really smooth when sliding against the other cards. For trick tutorials, I just searched around on youtube.

I couldn’t find any beginner trick tutorials on the web. There is a forum i found that looks pretty cool (not as cool as this place ;)) but my dad said that he had to check it out first.

I started not long ago, having fun with it even though I can’t do much.

Oh, and it’s Cardistry, btw, just wanted to point that out.

Here’s a bad-a video with some awesome cardistry:

^ Creepy.

I was into it a little while back. Its cool.

unfortunately was taken down a while ago. That was a great place for beginner to advanced tutorials.
I haven’t done it in months, so I’m out of the loop. but check out They should be able to help out more.

I actually have been into cardistry or card manipulation for the past few years (4) now. It really is an amazing art that I really enjoyed. I haven’t been as involved as I used to since I discovered yoyoing several months ago.

As far as cards go, I would recommend picking up some of Bicycles. These will run you about $1-3 (depends on where you buy them, and how many) a piece and the quality is fine for anything you will ever need to do in cardistry. Plus they are generally available in bricks (12 decks) as you will go through decks fairly quickly. I actually use these daily for performing and practicing. While I prefer the design and “feel” of decks like Aladdin 1001 Smooth Finish, Split Spades Lions, and SmokeAndMirror, Bicycles get the job done and is my goto deck.

I started on YouTube. There are a lot of great tutorials and series there that really helped me out. I honestly don’t remember specific name but they are there. Look for moves like false cuts, sybils, one handed revolution, others. Hope I helped. You can PM me if you have anymore questions.

I’ve seen it but I don’t do it.

This was what I did before I started yoyoing. This card stuff is very complex and complicated.

As for decks, just stick to plain bicycle. Don’t go for cheap plastic coated dollar store decks. This things are just terrible! As for some fancy tricks, this is the first one I learned, took me a day to master so it’s pretty easy but I didn’t learn this guy’s variation.

Good luck!

This is listed as magic. I used to do that long ago when I was a magician. never heard it as cardist but it is card handling and slight of hand. If you can find a magic shop there are several DVDs out there. A good starter is “showing off with cards”. Any online magic store should also have some DVDs. Card manipulation can look awesome if its done right.