Are there Magicians Among Us?


Just wondering if there were any others. I’ve been doing magic for 3 yrs and have yet to meet another. Please share what type you do. That would be cool.

Some of my magic:

Feel free to tell me what you think.


That iTwist is awesome. I am by no means a “magician” but I do know a few card and coin tricks.


Thanks. Glad you liked it.


I can do a few. I have a friend who’s a super magician. I tend to stay on the “doing random tricks with household items” than actual magic. (I.E. Basketball, plastic cup, etc.


LOL the gum one was so funny :smiley:


Thanks! Not the intent but thanks!

(kclejeune) #7

I do magic! Mostly stuff with cards. I do a lot of flourishing too… You know, Dan and Dave stuff :wink:


Cool. The only flourishes I do we’ll are Sybil and W.E.R.M. Never really got into all that :slight_smile: . Are you on YouTube?


I know how to pull off my thumb, so yeah I’m pretty pro at magic.


^ Lol


Lol i know how u did the itwist


There was a guy who came to nats each year that was into magic. I never knew his name. I believe he is from vagas, and did it for a living. There where several videos at one time with him in them. Try looking up clip videos from 2005 to around 2009 usa nats.


Does this guy have a name?


Maybe read what I wrote next time. :wink:


Simple mistake. Sorry. Never claimed to be perfect. Will reread posts for now one.


No hard feelings, just giving you a hard time man. :wink:


I just found out that Dan and Dave live or lived in my home town.


Cool. I heard Michael Ammar was from the my area near Kissimmee.


I used to do magic in like 3rd grade. Then I got bored of it because then it wasn’t cool cause I knew how it worked then.


I have been planing for a long time to learn some magic to go with my juggling. I bought a few DVDs to learn from and on some of my juggling DVDs there are people doing magic with their juggling. On the DVD there is a juggler who passes a juggling ball through his body. That’s one of the magic tricks that I plan on learning. I want to learn some of the simple ones like the french drop. When I go out juggling it usually attracks kids.