New Magic!!!!

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Two magic tricks with money. One old one new. They are basically the same effect done by different methods. I would like to know with one you like best.




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the second one looks like you’re swapping the ones for 5s with your top hand and maybe palming and dropping the ones off camera. It might not be what you are doing, but the first one seems like a more complete illusion to me.

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My hands don’t go off camera in either video. If something is dropped it would be seen. Thanks for the idea though.


you’re right. I re-watched it, and didn’t have that same nagging feeling that I thought you had palmed the ones and dropped the fives in to your bottom hand and then dropped the ones.

Anyway you slice it, it is pretty well done in both cases.

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^ Thanks. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while.

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It’s a bumpy road.

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A really bumpy one.


That’s impressive. Wish I could do it. high five

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But you can!! Thanks btw.